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Here are a few recipes for you to try


It was 1919, and Count Camillo Negroni decided his favourite cocktail the Americano needed a little something extra. He swapped out the soda water for gin and thus the Negroni was born. This classic aperitif may look like a sweet, Italian orange treat, but like a gate-crashing pack of weasels - it’s crafty, a little bitter and full of surprises

30mL Lyre's Dry London Spirit
30mL Lyre's Apéritif Rosso
30mL Lyre's Italian Orange

Stir briefly over fresh cubed ice

Old fashioned

Orange slice


Like the Dove I met in Florence with dreams of seeing America. He made it as far as Portugal before his life was cut wistfully short by a particularly spotless window. A toast to my favourite aperitif and my would be Americano

30mL Lyre’s Italian Orange
30mL Lyre’s Apéritif Rosso
90mL premium bottled tonic water

Build over ice, stir


Orange wheel
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