Fresh truffles are at the heart of our business Since 1930, PLANTIN have used thier expertise with fresh truffles in service to thier customers. From appetizers to desserts; from condiments, to apperitzed truffles, to dried mushrooms... it's all here!

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Black Truffle (250ml)
    White Truffle (250ml)

  • Mustard

    Black Truffle 5% (50g/100g)
    Porcini (50g)

  • Dry Porcini

    Standard Quality (500g)
    To Grind (25g)
    Extra Quality (50g)

  • Porcini

    Guérande Sea Salt (50g)
    Flavoured Sunflower Oil (250ml)

  • Dry Mix Forest Mushrooms

    (60% Bolet, 20% Oyster Mushrooms,
    20% Black Fungus) (50g/500g)

  • Dried Mix Forest Mushroom To Grind


  • Truffle Salsa 8%


  • Dry Yellow Chanterelles


  • Dry Shitake


  • Dried Wild Morels To Grind


  • Black Truffle Mayonnaise 3%


  • Summer Truffle

    Carpaccio (100g/480g)
    Seasoning (50g)
    Persian Blue Salt (100g)
    Himalayan Pink Salt (100g)
    Guérande Sea Salt (100g)
    Olive Spread (100g)