Promotional Items

We at Food International, serve the Saudi market with gourmet food items that are sure to impress your clientele. We are offering a promotion on some our items for Ramadan. Feel free to contact us to get more details.


Greek Items:

  • Ef Zin Tahini - 12kg
  • Melissa Semolina Fine - 12x500gm
  • Ef Zin Whole Pistachio Aegina Type Raw - 1kg
  • Ef Zin Black Raisins Corinth - 10x1kg
  • Ef Zin Blonde Raisins - 10x1kg
  • Ef Zin Rock Samphire - 3 kg
  • Ef Zin Carob Bites - 35x300gm (Rusks)
  • Ef Zin Corn Pita Bread (Frozen) - 10cm
  • Ef Zin Pita Bread Tranditional (Frozen) - 10cm
  • Zymi Psaxnwn Fillo Pastry Vinitos Type (Frozen) - 10x1Kg
  • Balantinos Cretan Gruyere Cheese (Chilled) - 3.5kg


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