Bitburger has been brewing according to the German purity law with the greatest care, highest quality and best raw ingredients for over 200 years.

Bitburger’s certified hops grow right in our neighborhood, in Holsthum close to Bitburg in the Southern Eifel National Park which, together with hops from Hallertau give our Bitburger Premium Pils its slightly tangy hops taste. The unmistakable Bitburger quality and unique taste of our beer develops in combination with our natural yeast and high-quality, deeply sourced water from the Bitburger Triassic depression as well as malt from the best brewing barley. 

  • Drive 0.0% Can

    330ml/24 Cans

    Alc Vol: Non-alcoholic

  • Drive 0.0% Bottle

    330ml/25 Bottles

    Alc Vol: Non-alcoholic

  • KEG

  • Draft Machine